Blue forex funds requires every trader to have done at least 5 trading days. Cross reference with your FXBOOK which will be provided to any trader when they purchase their account.
On all assessment programs we utilize a leverage of 1:400. We stand out from most prop firms who offer leverage of only 1:100 on their assessment-like programs. With our express accounts, we offer a 1:100 leverage as traders start with live capital immediately. Consequently, we use lower leverage to protect us from unforeseen losses as a distributor of large capital.
Currently we are offering our traders MT4 and MT5 as platforms to trade on. In the future if we see increased demand, we will offer C-Trader as well.
Over 45 forex pairs, 11 CFDs, 2 METALS, 2 NATURAL GASES, and 10 CRYPTOS on MT4/5. ​
A day where a position is opened and closed before 22:00 GMT constitutes a trading day (our servers are based out of London, UK).
Blue Forex Funds calculates drawdown using the metrics generated by myFXBOOK (this is provided to the trader at the start of the challenge).
Yes you are allowed to use any trading softwares and copy traders on Stage 1 & 2. However, on live accounts we do not allow copy trading or use of multiple IP addresses. EA’s that take advantage of our liquidity pool or delays in MT4/MT5 are subject to individual review. Trading excessive lots over a small period of time on live accounts is also subject is to individual review.
Yes you can traded on high impact news on Assessment (both DEMO and LIVE) and EXPRESS Programs.
Yes you can. Both on demo and live.


When the trader goes live and they are eligible for a withdrawal, the trader keeps 50% of the profits generated during their first month. The second month onwards, the trader keeps 90% of the profits made on the account.
KYC is a simpler way to tell us who you are as a client. This is a standard procedure that most regulated brokerages require. To fulfil KYC verification, we require a legal government issued ID such as a drivers license or a passport (Permanent Resident Status is allowed). Please note that the KYC verification process can take up to 2 weeks (depending on your country of residence).
Blue Forex Funds accepts any bank statements, utility bills (i.e phone bills, hydro bills) as long as the full name of the trader is visable.
A. Should a violation of the drawdown limit or cumulative loss occur before or after the targets are reached, your account will be considered as non-passing, resulting in an account suspension. Traders are eligible for a retry with a 15% discount on the challenge fees.
If no violations are detected you will automatically be upgraded to the next stage. Login credentials are emailed to our traders using the same email provided at the time of the account purchase . If you have not recevied your login credentials, please check your email for spam/junk, and message the live support or email When it comes to the payout on live account, we will notify you via email, when your account becomes eligible for a withdrawal. We will then go ahead and send you the profits accrued via bank wire or crypto (depending on the clients preference.
If the trader violated any of the rules on the live funded account we have provided them with, the account will be removed and no future payouts will be available. If you require help with getting you funded , we provide you with free eduction, alongside other companies who we verified, that can assist you in getting you funded.
There are no profit targets required to be reached on the live funded account. However, the account must end in a positive balance at the end of the 30 day trading period.


As payments we accept most form of cards such as debit and credit cards alongside crypto payments such as BTC and USDT. You can pay via any exchange and most credit card providers including American Express! Here is a list of accepted credit card payments and cryptos. ​ American Express, VISA, MASTERCARD, UCB, UNIONPAY, BTC (BITCOIN NETWORK), USDT (TRC20 NETW When you proceed in doing a crypto payment, please ensure you verify your network. If you send crypto over to us using the wrong network we are not held liable if we fail to receive your funds. In the event of incorrect network transfers, contact your crypto exchange, and in most cases you will get your funds back.
Fastest and easiest payment option is in crypto (ie. BTC , USDT- TRC), get paid the same day! BFF is not responsible for any crypto fluctuations from the moment the crypto transactions are initiated. We strongly recommend to use a stable coin (-USDT) for payment and compensation methods. Bank wires are also available for traders, however this method may take longer and will incur higher transaction fees. (Please note the fees associated with any transfer type will be deducted from the profits sent to the trader.)
​Blue Forex Funds like all prop trading firms charge fees to join which are used to pay our employees to provide you with unparalleled services, technology, and recommended trading platforms. This also helps every trader develop the feeling of responsibility and proper trading etiquette towards the account provided.
Funded traders receive 100% FEE REFUND when they successfully complete the first month of live trading. ​


All levels of trading experience are welcomed, we just require our traders to respect our trading parameters. Blue Forex Funds encourages traders to get help from experts should they require assistance in getting funded.
Yes we provide each trader with live funds directly from our liquidity provider. However, your account is shown as demo even if the trader is funded. The trades taken are instantaneously mirrored onto a live account. We do so to prevent any substantial slippages or trading related losses. This gives the capital distributor protection when we provide traders with large sums of capital to work with.
At the moment there are no referral programs. Some prop firms give referral bonuses from the sign up fees they collect. Since Blue Forex Funds has a high passing and withdrawal rate due to easier targets, giving clients referrals will end up coming out of the liquidity pool which is strictly designed to pay traders for their trading performance not their referral skills.
Yes Blue Forex Funds operates on a 24/7 basis.
Yes you can get unlimited free retries without paying if you ended your assessment program in positive and the rules have not been violated. For extensions, you are eligible for ONE 14-day extension if your account is in a 3% profit.
Trader is immediately eligible for maximum capital allocation of 1 Million dollars.
The trader will be eligible for 25% Equity increase every 2 months after we see 10% monthly gain for the first 2 months and onwards for a maximum of 2 Million dollars of capital allocation. ​ Example: Trader is funded 1 Million Dollars ​ Month 1- Account is in profit 10% Month 2- Account is in profit 10% ​ Month 3- Account +25% equity increase (1.25 Million Dollars) Account is in profit 10% ​ Month 4- Account is in profit 10% Month 5- Account is in profit 10% ​ Month 6- Account +25% equity increase (1.5 Million Dollars)
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